Frequently Asked Questions

We sell our products through an exclusive network of authorized ITI Cargo dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Pricing and availability will be determined by the dealer. Click here to find a local dealer and inquire about price and delivery.
15″ wheel with 5 studs contains a 4.5″ bolt pattern.
15″ wheel with 6 studs contains a 5.5″ bolt pattern.
16″ wheel with 8 studs contains a 6.5″ bolt pattern.
17.5″ wheel with 8 studs contains a 6.5″ bolt pattern.

For more information on replacement or spare wheel assemblies, please contact your nearest dealer.
It is extremely important to maintain proper wheel mounting torque specifications on your trailer axle. Click here for torque requirements.

(Important: Check and re-torque wheel lug nuts after 10, 24, and 50 miles. A periodic check during regular service is recommended.)
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is the total weight capacity of the trailer, including the actual weight of the trailer and its max payload. Payload is the amount of weight that can be carried on the trailer — calculated by GVWR less the actual weight of the empty trailer.
Each state has it’s own traffic laws and regulations. Please go the US Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration website for accurate details: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/about/webstate.cfm
Your tow vehicle should be rated at a towing capacity of equal to or higher than the weight of your trailer loaded with cargo. It is recommended to review the owner’s manual of your vehicle to determine how much your vehicle can tow.
Yes, with our industry-leading 3-Year warranty, you can be confident we will stand behind your ITI Cargo trailer for years to come. All warranty and service work is handled through your authorized ITI Cargo dealer. Click here to browse and download warranty documentation.
The preferred method is to fill out your warranty registration form online. Click here to get started.
Tire warranty issues are handled separately by the tire manufacturers and distributors. Click here for warranty information.